We believe that safety isn't epensive, its priceless.                                                        STOP-THINK-ACT                                                             There are so many safety precautions to think about in electrical construction.    Home & workplace will eventually need the service of a qualified electrician. Because of the dangers involved in electrical, most people will be better off hiring professional electricians. Electricity is one of the most common causes of fire both in the home and workplace. It can damage and destroy property, causing injury and death. With the right caution and knowledge, these types of accidents can be avoided. When it comes to electrical it is important to hire the right electrical contractor for the job.


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1) All accidents are preventable

2) If you are not trained, don't do it.   

3) Practice good housekeeping.

4) Do not take shortcuts. Always follow the rules.

5) Assess the risk before you approach your work.              

6) Never wear loose clothes or slippery footwear.        

7) Always wear PPE.                                                                                                                          8) Do not indulge horse play while at wok.                              

9) Use the right tools & equipment and use them in the right way.

10) You are responsible for your own safety and for the safety of others.


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